Camstoll in the News

Russian Companies Active in Syria Seen at Risk of U.S. Sanctions

By Kasia Klimasinska

…Analysts including Howard Mendelsohn, a managing director at the Camstoll Group in Washington, say Tempbank probably isn’t the only Russian company helping the regime. “There’s reasonable likelihood that sanctions policy makers and intelligence analysts are looking at other Russia targets, which could include individuals, businesses, defense companies or banks that are implicated in supporting the Assad regime,” said Mendelsohn, who was previously an acting assistant secretary at the Treasury’s Office of Intelligence and Analysis….

“Designating Russian companies active in Syria contributes to the isolation of the Assad regime and you can argue that at the same time such actions contribute to the increasing uncertainty with respect to business dealings with Russia,” he said. Among institutions that have been tied publicly to Syrian commercial and arms deals are Moscow-based ZAO Novikombank and Vnesheconombank, according to the Camstoll Group, which advises companies and governments on sanctions, illicit-finance, regulatory and national security issues.

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